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Welcome to Baber Research Group

Baber Research Group is continually striving to distinguish itself as a leader in diligently conducting clinical trials in the Chicagoland area. We primarily concentrate on Phase I-IV Clinical Trials for pharmaceutical companies, contract research organizations, biotechnology firms, and other research entities.

With combining innovative and traditional techniques, Baber Research Group utilizes a comprehensive and integrated approach in effective patient recruitment and retention. We truly pride ourselves on providing an unprecedented level of care that is ethical and of the highest standard. Furthermore, our services aim to exceed the professional, medical, and scientific needs of its patients and sponsors.

Our dedicated team of highly trained professionals has countless years of experience in medical research, thus providing an unrivaled degree of expertise. Baber Research Group guarantees that each and every clinical trial will be carried out at an optimal level.

Baber Research Group is comprised of Psychiatrists, Multi-Specialty Physicians, Psychologists, Pharmacists, Clinical Research Coordinators, and other support staff who carefully execute a wide array of clinical trials.

Each Investigator, Clinical Research Coordinator, and staff member are trained and managed with a set of stringent protocols outlined in the Standard Operating Procedures of Baber Research Group. Moreover, we strictly follow all Food and Drug Administration, International Conference on Harmonization, and Good Clinical Practice guidelines while being in compliance with HIPAA privacy regulations. Therefore, we confidently ensure excellence in our work.

Baber Medical Group’s sole purpose is to improve the quality of life for our patients with compassion and exceptional behavioral health research.

Current Trials

Currently Baber Research group is conducting both and adult and adolescent Bipolar Depression Research Study.
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Clinical Trial Overview

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Developing a new drug is a lengthy and intricate procedure. process. Learn more about the entire trial process.
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Good Clinical Practice

The basic principles of GCP (Good Clinical Practice) are rooted in the protection of the research patient or volunteer.
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Contact Us

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Baber Research Group is consistently updating our website with new research studies that are being conducted. Please fill out the following form to see if you qualify for one of our studies. Do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

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